Its been awhile and so many good things coming up on the horizon! This is going to be a crazy and amazing year for me!

My first sale of the year will be on May 23 and there will be some new and exciting and always fun work available. Yay!

As you may have seen on my Instagram feed, last summer I had to destroy 3 large Retro Girls because of a glaze flaw. I have been working on formulating a new glaze that hopefully will work but until then I wont have any new RG’s. I cant afford to make these ladies just to destroy them so I have to be extra diligent in my testings. Hopefully I can make something that will work but until then, there are still some at the Craft Connection in Nelson as well as the The Gallery at Matticks Farm in Cordova Bay and Black Star Studios in Invermere. 

Who knows? These may be the last ones …..